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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"Aliens of London"

Original Air Date: 16 April 2005 (Eight years ago today!) (Well, I finished the episode on the 17th...)

Dear Doctor, how do you mess us twelve hours for twelve months? And, why not take her back to when you actually meant?
You gotta love the kid who spraypaints "Bad Wolf" on the TARDIS
And would you look at that--UNIT's back, and Tosh (Torchwood) is the one who analysed the body found in the spaceship! (Hmm, and right after we had Eve Myles [Gwen on Torchwood] as Gwenyth? That, I'd say is one of the few coincidences in all of the Whoniverse)
HARRIET: Excuse me! Harriet Jones. MP for Flydale North.
GANESH: I'm sorry, can it wait?
HARRIET: But I did have an appointment at 3:15.
GANESH: Yes, and a spaceship crashed in the middle of London. I think the schedule might have changed.
I just love Harriet Jones. She just might be one of the funniest DW characters. Even the Daleks knew who she was! But I'm sure she's having a great time with Downton Abbey (which I've started watching after I ran out of DW episodes, and I really like it). One say, I'll introduce myself, and they'll say "yes, I know who you are."

Awe, how cute, he gave her a key to the TARDIS! And then Mickey runs into a wall.

Why does the UNIT guy suddenly have a zipper when none of the others do?

*I appoligize for the original error in the title of the post