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Monday, 29 April 2013

"The Lodger" 5x11

Original Air Date: 12 June 2010

I wonder where the Doctor slept that one night before moving in with Craig....
The Vincent van Gogh flyer on the fridge...
Love you too, Doctor.
Doctor, what is in your ear? You know things like that are all Cyber Earpods.
That omlet he's making looks really right back.
Back. And with eggs according to what the Doctor put in, plus what I read in an article for Omelette Fines Herbes: Ham, Pepper, Mayo, and Cheese from the Doctor, and tarragon and basil.
It's really good.
The Doctor said "fondle"...
Yes, Sophie, the Doctor is a dealer.
Wow, I think my 13 1/2 year old brother has more body hair than Matt Smith.
The jersey number is 11!
Did you know, that, had Matt Smith not suffered a back injury, he could have become a pro football/soccer player?
Did any one else half expect the door to be like "are you my mummy?" right after the football/soccer game?
That was a really good omelette.
I shall recruit a spy!!!
What's that rotating strainer?
This Eleventh Doctor's quite the linguist. Talking cat.
The stain on the ceiling is people...ew.