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Monday, 29 April 2013

"Vincent and the Doctor" 5x10

Original Air Date: 5 June 2010

Oh, look! DW's turned into a documentary on wheat!
Well, look around. Art. It seems to me there's so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of. It's colour. Colour that holds the key. I can hear the colours. Listen to them. Every time I step outside, I feel nature is shouting at me. Come on. Come and get me. Come on. Come on! Capture my mystery! 
Oh hai dere rabid giant chicken.
Ah, addressing the sensitive topic of suicide.
This guy's accent sounds a bit more Irish than Dutch.
Is this how time usually passes? Really the right order....?
Oh, the Doctor in a confession box...that would be funny.
This episode is just so tragically beautiful....