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Monday, 29 April 2013

"The Hungry Earth" 5x8 and "Cold Blood" 5x9

Original Air Dates: 22 May 2010 and 29 May 2010

They're reading The Gruffalo!
Yeah, stick your hand in the huge mysterious hole in the ground. That's safe.
They can't come back to see themselves....the feels....

I, personally, really don't like these episodes. It would be better if it was just one episode. It's hard to tolerate it for a while. And, sure the Silurians do make appearances in the future, but they're not that important. I'm sure they could have made it into one episode.

That sting doesn't look good, Mister. You should really get a Doctor to check that out.
Did you catch the refence to Five's celery and its Time Lord stablization proprities?
....did you just kill her with a stun gun?
Aaaand Rory's gone.
WAIT. How can River Song have been at the Pandorica if her father got erased from history?