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Saturday, 27 April 2013

"Hide" and "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"


"Hide" was a bit boring. It may be because I have ADHD (legitimately), or that it just wasn't amazing. It definitely had some high stakes, I'll give it that, and some very interesting dropped hints as to the social plot in the scene where Clara and Emma Grayling (the psychic) have a drink together. Wiskey is the eleventh most disgusting thing ever invented! (I wouldn't know). I was a bit confused--was Hilda supposed to be in love with that monster that looked like Voldemort mated with a Racnoss? I found that Neil Cross' writing was much better than it was in his last episode, which was "Rings of Akhatan". The refrence to Metebelis III was nice ("The Green Death", "Planet of the Spiders") Some people thought that the genre crossover into horror was a bit far-flung and strange, but I think we can all agree that David Tennant pulled off the orange space suit much better than Matt Smith.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

I was seriously enthralled by "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS". As well as being absolutely horrifying at some parts, it was extremely high-stakes, threatening to kill Clara again. I have a friend who will be very disappointed that it doesn't feature the wardrobe room. I thought we would see more of the TARDIS, as I'm sure most people did, but it did feature parts of it that I hadn't even thought of, like the library. By far, I think this episode was the best in the season thus far, rivalling "The Angels take Manhattan". The plot was clear and easy to follow, although complex; it was explained well. It featured many emotions and evoked many emotions. Each of the actors were showcased very well. Don't you wish more things had a big friendly button?