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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"New Earth"

Again, with these revisited episode posts, I'm not doing the ones I've seen for a second time already. Live with it. When I go and watch it a third time round I'll do it.

Original Air Date: 15 April 2006

Here is a fantasticly fun song about this episode.

Oh, how I love a young David Tennant!

They're both laying on his coat! (Officailly on the list of things I'm gonna do with my 10th Doctor coat when I
get it [hopefully for my 19th, which is in a few weeks], lay on it with my sig. other!) How cute.

New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York!

How does Cassandra recognize Rose? Didn't she, like, explode?


Okay, fine. Cassandra's her back now.

The Doctors's all like: mah Rose just kissed me!

Wake up and smell the perfume.

I'm really not quite fond of this episode. Its creepy. Like, I feel like creating this human farm is something that people could and would actually do.

Get out of mah Rose!

"Oh, my. This is different. Goodness me, I'm a man. Yum. So many parts. And hardly used. Oh, oh, two hearts! Oh, baby, I'm beating out a samba! Oo, he's slim, and a little bit foxy. You've thought so too. I've been inside your head. You've been looking. You like it!"
-Cassandra in the Doctor's Tenth Body

Isn't feminine David Tennant fabulous? Yes, yes he is.

VERY WET DAVID TENNANT. Gawh, it's like Christmas.

Dying can wait. Oh, thank you Face of Boe.

Oh, sweet lord, I'm a walking doodle.

Its such a beautiful scene when Cassandra-Chip goes to visit herself in the past.
CASSANDRA [OC]: Oh no, don't. Stop it. Simply not true. Tiny. The beaches were so dismal, and the mosquitoes were
CASS-CHIP: Thank you.
DOCTOR: Just go. And don't look back.
ROSE: Good luck.
CASSANDRA: And if you actually see them, you're shocked. But don't quote me on that. Oh, naughty. A bientôt!
CASS-CHIP: Excuse me, Lady Cassandra.
CASSANDRA: I'm sorry, I don't need anything right now. I'm fine, thank you.
CASS-CHIP: No, I just wanted to say you look beautiful.
CASSANDRA: Well, that's very kind, you strange little thing. Thank you very much.
CASS-CHIP: I mean it. You look so beautiful.
CASSANDRA: Thank you.
(Chip's body collapses. Lady Cassandra cradles him.)
CASSANDRA: Oh, my Lord. Are you all right? What is it? What's wrong? Someone get some help! Call a medic or something, quickly!
WOMAN: Who is he?
CASSANDRA: I don't know. He just came up to me. I don't even know his name. He just collapsed. I think he's dying. Someone do something! I've got you, sweetheart. It's all right. There you are. There you are, I've got you. It'll be all right. There, there, you poor little thing.
That might just be one of my favourite scenes in all of DW.