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Thursday, 18 April 2013

"The Runaway Bride"

I'm skipping "Love and Monsters". I hated it the first time. #SorryNotSorry
And I'm gonna save "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday" for later--I plan to watch it with my brother soon.
Okay, you got me. I have already watched "The Runaway Bride" a second time...but I don't care.

Original Air Date: 25 December 2006

What IS on Donna's mother's head?  Is it a baby ostrich?

This is like an intense game of peek-a-boo.

doooweeeoooo oooh weee oooo  dun duh duh ah ah oh wee ohh nuh nuh oooh wee oo dun nuhhhh

DONNA: Who are you?
DONNA: Where am I?
DONNA: What the hell is this place?
DOCTOR: What? You can't do that. I wasn't. We're in flight. That is, that is physically impossible! How did
DONNA: Tell me where I am. I demand you tell me right now where am I?
DOCTOR: Inside the TARDIS.
DONNA: The what?
DONNA: The what?
DONNA: The what?
DOCTOR: It's called the TARDIS.
DONNA: That's not even a proper word. You're just saying things.

DONNA: You're an alien.
DONNA: It's freezing with these doors open.

Just love that Donna slaps him.

Why is it Chis-ick and not Chiswick?

Ooh, Donna bit someone at school. So did I... it was 12 years ago...I swear I won't come out of your screen and bite you. And it was provoked.

Slitheen reference, YES.

My wedding dress will have pockets.

I'm, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not from Mars.

And that goes double for your mother!

BEWARE THE SANTAS! They will blow you up.

Those kids. In the car behind them. They stole the scene. Love them with two hearts.

You know, they had the reception without her....

Hey Doctor, you at a party...did you forget your banana?

Now, all I have's this anguished heart,
For you have vanished too.
Oh, my girl, my girl, my precious girl,
Just what is this man to do?

And he's thinking of Rose...

Killer Christmas trees for the win.

I wonder how many pairs of Converse DT went through....

Donna=Pencil Inside a Mug

They're on segways (segues?)!

I'm just gonna fastfoward to WET DAVID TENNANT.

Guess what I've got, Donna? Pockets.

EMPRESS: My children may feast on Martian flesh.
DOCTOR: Oh, but I'm not from Mars.
EMPRESS: Then where?
DOCTOR: My home planet is far away and long since gone. But its name lives on. Gallifrey.

WET DAVID TENNANT. Now with fire.

omg a tank.

Does it, like, really never snow in London???

And it's terrible. That place was flooding and burning and they were dying, and you were stood there like, I don't know, a stranger. And then you made it snow. I mean, you scare me to death.
Yes, Doctor, you need someone. You really do need someone to stop you.

Be magnificent!!!