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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Book Review: Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

I think we all know that Amelia Williams
didn't actually write this book. The name
of the real-world author is James Goss.
But that doesn't mean that when you read
it it isn't in Amy's voice.
Firstly, the overall quality of the book:
I read the book on my Kindle, (and I believe that that is the only format that it is avalable on for now) so I'm not sure how many pages it has. For those of you who speak Kindlese, it has 1,004 locations. It took me less than two hours to read, so it's pretty quick, although I've always been a fast reader. I found the language rather passive, but I think that may have been done on purpose to go along with the quaintness of the town. Most of the words used in it are relatively basic, although I found myself using the dictionary function two or three times. The book is appropriate for anyone--if I had kids, I would read it to them.

General Plot:
It's the 1950s Kate's just moved to Watchcombe, a sleepy destination town in the English countryside. A week before school is to start, a grey cat leads her into the yard of the Curator of the local museum, a strange man who "loves a little shoppe." It's not long after that that Kate intercepts a strange old painting of two people on a beach, one holding a key and the other a ring, from being donated to orphans in Africa. She brings the piece to the Curator, and the adventure of a lifetime ensues.

Summer Falls by Amelia Williams (James Goss) is avalable here
If you don't have a Kindle, the app can be downloaded to Mac, PC, Android, and iPod/iPad/iPhone for free.