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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"The Sontaran Stratagem" 4x4

Original Air Date: 26 April 2008

You hug him and you get a paper cut. I say that about my brother all the time. Why can't I have that part of his genetics?
Oh hai, UNIT.
Yes. That's exactly what he did to her. He turned her into a soldier.
I have a cup of tea...a really good cup of tea.
This is a specifically good episode.
Mah leg!
Ermahgeherd we're fighting Mr. Potato Head!
"A hothouse for geniuses. I wouldn't mind going. I get lonely." Can I come?
Advance the conquest. Oh, men and their conquests.
More tea!
The place where Donna lives looks so nice. I would live there!
The whole scene in Rattigan Academy is great-it's kinda all like "talk nerdy to me!"
Intruda window!
The lasts of the Time Lords will not die at the hands of the Sontaran Empire in the ruins of his prescious Earth!
OooOOOhhh battle status one.