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Monday, 29 April 2013

"The Waters of Mars" 4x16

Original Air Date: 15 November 2009

What is scary in this one isn't those water monsters. It's the Doctor.
Ten in the space suit! Squee!
The Doctor...Doctor...FUN!
I hate carrots.
Adelaide was born the same year as my brother. It's strange to think of him as 60.
If you really should go, Doctor, then I suggest you LEAVE.
DOCTOR: I've read all that stuff about you, Captain Adelaide. But one thing they never said. Was it worth it, the mission?
ADELAIDE: We've got excellent results from the soil analysis.
DOCTOR: No, but all of it. Because they say you sacrificed everything. Devoted your whole life to get here.
ADELAIDE: It's been chaos back home. Forty long years. The climate, the ozone, the oil apocalypse. We almost reached extinction. Then to fly above that, to stand on a world with no smoke, where the only straight line is the sunlight? Yes. It's worth it.

Okay, Mr. Time Lord Victorious, please calm down. You're scaring us all.

I knew she was gonna do it. Kill herself, that is. It was almost the only thing she could do to get things right.
Yes, yes you have gone too far.

Oh hai dere, Ood Sigma.

And that's a wrap on the Tenth Doctor for now. I'll be revisiting "The End of Time" later.