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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"Partners in Crime" 4x1

Original Air Date: 5 April 2008

Who else thought that the Doctor and Donna were already working together?
I've met cat people. You're nothing like them.
Look! That taxi has ATMOS!
I love how Donna is such a teenager even though she's like 35ish. Parents who yell at her, hard time getting a job, spunky. I think I like her the best.
Aww, the Doctor stars talking about his findings and looks up and no one is there to listen to him :(
Why'd they shoot the door? I mean I know it was locked but like, don't they have a key?
You caught that puppy!
They said the title!
I wonder what an adult Adipose looks like.
Yes, Donna. You are waiving at fat.

DOCTOR: I just want a mate.
DONNA: You just want to mate?
DOCTOR: I just want a mate!
DONNA: You're not mating with me, sunshine!
DOCTOR: A mate. I want a mate.
DONNA: Well, just as well, because I'm not having any of that nonsense. I mean, you're just a long streak of nothing. You know, alien nothing.
DOCTOR: There we are, then. Okay.

Iz Rose.