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Friday, 12 April 2013

Clara Fun Facts

So, here is some fun information about Clara.

23 November 1963: First Episode of Doctor Who
1989: Doctor Who's first run ends
26 March 2005: First Air of the revival of Doctor Who
23 November 1866: Clara Oswin Oswald's birth (the Victorian one)
1989: Clara Oswald's birth (the modern one)
March 2005: Death of Clara's mother.

Now, if you want to get into the exacts....

  • 5 March 2005 was the date that "Rose" was leaked into the internet and the date that Clara's mother died.
  • 1866 was the year the First Doctor regenerated into the Second
  • The diary missed age 23: the classic series had an eighteen-month hiatus between Season 22 and 23
  • The diary also missed age 16: There were sixteen years between the end of the classic series and the revival series.
  • Clara Oswin Oswald (Victorian) died at age 26. The classic series lasted 26 years.
Is she the TARDIS or something?