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All Gallifreyan is fan-made at the moment
The BBC is yet to give an official style or language.
Up here is WRITING in Gallifreyan
Further down is Gallifreyan LANGUAGE

Written Language

So, the cherry-on-top of my nerdiness is that I can write in Gallifreyan. I use Archaic, because I find it the easiest, but explore the others, too. I'm working on my own hybrid of Assassin's, Archaic, and Old High Gallifreyan, and will post that when I finish it.

Here are the guides to the six types of Gallifreyan (three linear and three circular) I know of--if you know of others, let me know in the comments.


If you click on the image, it will get bigger. 
I suggest that you save the larger image if you want to download the guides.

Archaic is available as a font here.

Assassin's is also available for as a font here.


All types of circular are rather complex at first.

The second type of Circular is Sherman's Gallifreyan.

I think it may have a copyright, so I'll just give you the links:


Numbers and Mathematics

Also, there is a translator. It is a tad buggy (one major problem is that the symbols are supposed to spiral inward and they don't yet) Here is the link for that download. (Select "Translator")

I have found one other type of Circular, which looks like the Doctor's Cot one. It is the one I used in the banner on the top of the page. The symbols are very complex and detailed. Here is a link to where you can download the font for your computer.

Spoken Language

My current fandom side-project is creating a Gallifreyan language that can be spoken. One could combine it with any of the written Gallifreyan above to really be super Time Lordian.

Below is the link to the current dictionary. 
It is in PDF and gets updated everytime I add new content to it, so keep checking for new content!
Gallifreyan Dictionary

I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have if I can,
and I'd love to hear about any other types that aren't here!
Post in the comments or email me.
My address for this site is: tardistyle dot blogspot at gmail dot com


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. How do you write the Doctor's name?

    2. Well if you want to spell The Doctor just spell that, but we dont know his real name yet.

  2. How does old high work? How would it write?

  3. I'm very sorry to not have gotten back to you sooner--I just saw this, it doesn't usually take me 3 months.
    Old high is like an alphabet. The underlined sound is what the corresponding symbol means. In English, we assign different sounds to the same symbol, like how "read" can be "reed" and "red" at the same time. Old high would not allow for that.

    Does that help?

    1. Adding another question to this, so if i were spelling both of the words read and reed, would they both be spelled the same?

  4. Why is the link for the dictionary disabled?

    1. I'm not sure, It seems to work for me.

      Also, thanks for commenting on my birthday :)

  5. Sorrry, but i think you forgot this one, please explain me it is too confuse now, look : ; i would like the definition of how many forms of Gallifreyan exist :(

    1. The show has not shown us yet.

  6. Sorrry, but i think you forgot this one, please explain me it is too confuse now, look : ; i would like the definition of how many forms of Gallifreyan exist :(

  7. If I were to ask you to write my name...preferably in the Linear form....would you? I WANNA GET IT AS A TATTOO.

  8. How would you express the "OU" in "out" in the Circular Gallifreyan? None of the vowel sounds match that..

    1. it is shown in the Doctor's Cot galifreyan as the O in vow.

  9. I use a different version of Old High which seems a lot more simple to me
    I found it here:

    And I use another circular Gallifreyan which is also very easy.
    Link is here:

  10. I think that the drop box link only works on computers and not cell phones.

  11. i have a rather complex gallifreyan circular code where all the letters are on one circle, any interest in helping me to decipher it?

  12. the doctor's name mathematicaly is

    squiggle cube sigma x square

  13. can the mouse pointer be changed to 11th doctor's screwdriver

  14. Your dictionary won't open (404). I've tried it on my phone, a chromebook and my laptop. :(

  15. I don't know how often anyone checks this anymore. But I've created a sort of code where each English letter gets it's own symbol. I wanted to create a way to type it on a keyboard. The only problem is that the code doesn't read left to right. So I can't just create a font for it, I also somehow have to change the way the keyboard types. I've seen some online conlang translators do something to this effect by drawing the image on a separate window as you type. Does anyone know of anywhere I can find a tutorial on how to do it?


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