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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Promoting Philip Sandifer

Hey, folks. I'm a big fan of analyzing Who, almost as big a fan of it as I am on the show itself, and few people do it better than Philip Sandifer of TARDIS Eruditorum. His blog is about placing the entire show into a historical context and seeing how it was influenced by attitudes of the times, discussing how the show reflects world politics as well as popular and internal opinion on the show itself. ("It's astonishing how many Robert Holmes scripts make sense if you hypothesize them as deliberate insults," he quips, just as an example.) He manages to acknowledge the inherent brokenness of Who's continuity while still arguing that many things make sense on a thematic rather than logical level, and in that sense he's a big believer in symbolism with regards to the power of storytelling. All this can make him come off as a bit pompous, but he manages to keep a level head and a cool wit that makes his approach not only insightful but an absolute joy to read.

I mention him here now because tomorrow, he'll have finally written on every story of the classic era and about as much on the expanded universe as he can stand, and will begin talking about the Russel T. Davies run that started in 2005--which, I know, is the bit most people care about. So, while I advise you to read his older stuff, I'll just be glad if you read him at all. I for one am looking forward to what he has to say, and I hope all of you do too.