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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Happy Birthday, David Tennant

Today is David Tennant's 42nd birthday! As we all know, David played the Tenth Doctor (and will be returning for the 50th!), which was a realization of a life-long dream.

For me, David is an extremely inspiring actor. His desire to play the Doctor was a huge motivation to be an actor, and he shows us that even our wildest dreams are possible. He's hugely sucessful as an actor, though he's still down-to-Earth. He's constantly regarded as a sex symbol, and though you'd expext that sort of thing to inflate any man's ego, he has this to say about it:
"The moment one is made aware of that sort of thing, it's very hard to enjoy because it feels so absurd and unconnected, because you're patently aware it's not true. It's not true because it's not to do with you, it's to do with characters you play, it's not to do with who you are, or even what you look like."
Other inspiring DT quotes:
"I've always been a geek and slightly awkward. I was never the cool kid at school." 
"I'm a good person, I hope. But I'm never as good as I want to be, never as nice as I want to be, never as generous as I want to be."

Happy Birthday, David!