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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Guess Who?

Some mathletes have hit the books and come up with the odds of several actors favorited to play the Twelfth Doctor. Here they are:

3:1 Rory Kinnear
4:1 David Harewood
9:2 Idris Elba 
6:1 Benedict Cumberbatch
7:1 Harry Lloyd
8:1 Derek Jakobi
10:1 Rupert Grint
10:1 Russell Tovey
12:1 Martin Freeman
14:1 Ben Winshaw
16:1 Billie Piper 
(Personally, I find Billie highly unlikely as she was, of course, Rose Tyler and, well, it'd just be awkward....)
20:1 Helen Mirren
20:1 Tilda Swinton
20:1 David Walliams
25:1 Rys Ifan
25:1 Olivia Coleman
25:1 Daniel Radcliffe
40:1 Rowan Aktinson
66:1 Stephen Fry
250:1 David Beckham
250:1 Tom Cruise
250:1 Simon Cowell

What do I think? I think I should play the Doctor. But I don't think that will be happening for this incarnation, so my bet is on Olivia Coleman, I just have a feeling about her, or Rupert Grint, because he is ginger. I do feel that casting the Doctor as a black actor might be likely as well. I just have a feeling about Olivia Coleman, I don't know why. It will definitely be exciting to see who gets this role.

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