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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New to Who: Where to Start Doctor Who

A friend of mine knew I was the right person to ask about where to start when he decided to watch Doctor Who. I told him what I thought he'd like best, but it's different for everyone. Though I've never met any of them, I know that people sometimes don't like the series, and I think that is partly because people don't know where to start. Between 11 Doctors (for all intents and purposes) and the 2013 Christmas special, "The Time of the Doctor", being episode 800 and story 240, there's a lot choices. I've made this little flowchart to help you decide which route is best for you, in my advice.

Click on the picture to see it enlarged.
Now, this is only one way of approaching it. What I think is ideal, and what I did, is to start with Nine and get caught up, then watch the Classic episodes.

There will be more posts regarding what you need to know when starting Doctor Who. They can be found here.

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