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Saturday, 16 November 2013

#SaveTheDay Countdown: The Seventh Doctor--Sylvester McCoy

As a countdown to the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Doctor
Who, TARDIStyle will be showcasing one Doctor a day.

Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith was born 20 August 1943 in Dudoon, Scottland. His father was killed in the Second World War a couple of months before he was born, and he was brought up by his mother, his grandmother and aunts. He attended St. Mun's, a local Dunoon school.

Originally, he wanted to be a preist or monk, but gave it up and then worked for a theatre box office. Here, he was discovered by Ken Campbell. Campbell offered him a role in "The Ken Campbell Roadshow." In that, his best known act was a stuntman named Sylveste McCoy. A reviewer of the show mistakenly called him Sylveste McCoy, and he adopted it as his stagename, and years later he added the "r" to the end.

He is adept at playing both the xylophone and the spoons. He can also juggle and once gained a reputation for stuffing live ferrets down his trousers.

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