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Friday, 22 November 2013

#SaveTheDay Hyper-Hype

Tomorrow The Day of the Doctor will air. Our wait will be over. Remember when The Name of the Doctor ended, and the countdown to 23rd November began? It was something like 190 days until the 50th. The wait seemed unbearable, almost impossible. But--now it is here.

The celebration at ExCeL in London runs from today until Sunday. Monday, the special in 3D (you have no idea how not amused I will be if the 3D glasses are not the void-spec kind) will be shown in the US. will be over. Done.

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who will have come and past. It will be...over.

Of course, it is still the Year of the Doctor. The fandom will relentlessly continue, but there will be something missing. I can't quite say what it is, but something will be gone.

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