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Monday, 25 November 2013

A Story of Skaro

Once upon a time, there was a planet. It was called Skaro. There was an explosion on Skaro and everone died. The Doctor said "Allons-y" and was flung into space. The Doctor died because he had no oxygen, so he couldn't regenerate. Skaro became inhabited by velociraptor-human hybrids, and everyone had many babies.

Seems a little wonky right? Well, I will tell you why. I minor in French at college, and we did a exercise where we wrote one sentence on an index card and passed it to the next person. I started the story with the sentence "Il etait un fois quand in y avait une planète. Il a s'été appelé Skaro." The story above is an exact translation of what happened, except I conjugated everything correctly because errors in my native are bad.

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