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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

#SaveTheDay Countdown: The Tenth Doctor--David Tennant

As a countdown to the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Doctor
Who, TARDIStyle will be showcasing one Doctor a day.

David John McDonald was born 18 April 1971 in Bathgate, Scotland. His father, Sandy, is a prominent (now retired) minister of the Church of Scotland and was the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

At the age of three, David decided that he wanted to be an actor to play the role of the Doctor. He pursued acting, as he put it, "absurdly single-mindedly," although his parents tried to steer him to a more practical profession. Tennant attended Ralston Primary and Paisley Grammar School, where he had an English teacher by the name of Moira Robertson, who  was among the first to see David's potential in acting. David participated in school productions in primary and secondary school. He had his first "real" role in a production at age 11, and actress Edith MacArthur saw him perform and told his parents that their son was destined to become a brilliant performer. David took Saturday classes at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He passed an audition in the Academy's BA program in Acting at 16, becoming one of their youngest students. He graduated the program at 20 and was flatmates with actress Louise Delamere at the program. The two are still friends.

David's first professional role post-graduation was the play The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui and his first major television role was Campbell, a bi-polar patient in the 1994 series Takin' Over the Asylum. When David joined the British Actor's Equity Union, he assumed the stagename David Tennant, after Pet Shop Boys' leading man, Neil Tennant, as the name David McDonald was already in use in the Union. David's extensive CV includes many Shakespearean roles, but none more acclaimed than his Hamlet in 2009 with the Royal Shakespeare Company

David is married to Georgia Moffet. They have three children together. A little-known fact is that David wears contacts on screen as he needs corrective lenses.

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