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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What's in Store for "The Time of the Doctor"? SPOILERS

Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

So we know that stuff's gonna go down this Christmas. Regeneration, what have you. But what else. The above picture is official from the BBC and it tells us a bit about what to expect.

  1. Cyberman: 11's holding a cyberman's head. Can we take a second to appreciate the expression on its face? And it looks like it have been repaired prior to the decapitation. So, there will be cybermen.
  2. The Silence: They're ba-ack! Hiding in the background, those cheeky buggers. Hopefully we will finally have their mystery explained....
  3. Weeping Angels: There, buried in the snow! Can they move if they don't know if someone's looking? I don't know. Based on Moffat being the creature behing the angels and the prominence they have in Eleven's life, I assume that they will be making an appearance.
  4. Minor: Near that tree, there's a pulley. What's it doing there? The world may never know....
  5. The Clock: It is pointing to 12. From the 50th special, I'd say that it's 12 midnight--the dawn of a new day.
  6. Clara: She is definitely checking out the Doctor there. Well, she's sure in for a surprise come Capaldi.....
  7. Eleven: That's a pretty sweet bowtie, but look at his face. It's all sad--he know's he's about to die.
  8. The Light in the Clock-tower: It looks like a lighthouse style thing--not a bell. A beacon? We shall see...
  9. And finally, Peter: Look there, between Clara and the Doctor. In the flames, Capaldi's face is evident. Nice job with Photoshop, Doctor Who.
Then, there was the little 11-second preview: "This planet...what's it called?" "Trenzalore." Whose voice said Trenzalore? Was it me, or did it sound a lot like Alex Kingston? And, now, Trenzalore's a planet? I thought it was a field.
Here's my thought for you to ponder: What if the Doctor's name is Trenzalore?

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