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Monday, 3 June 2013

"The God Complex" 6x11

Original Air Date: 17 September 2011

So this is a fun episode. I feel bad for the guy in the gorilla costume, though. I had to dress up in a chicken costume once (it was that or a gorilla, actually) and it was so, so, so horrible.
Yup. They're in Norway. 
And it's definitly a  CIA thing. We have minotaurs that eat people. S'all good.
Wow, if I got a B in math we;d have a party or something.
Yay baskets of kittens!
Of all the weird DW episodes, this just might be one of the weirdest ones.
Dude. What if we take the pantaphobic George from "Night Terrors" and put him in the hotel....every room would scare him! I'm bad.
She said the title! She said it!
Le gasp! Door 11! I bet its the John Hurt Doctor in there.
I wish Rita didn't die. I wanted her to be a companion.
You Doctor. You mad bro?
Nooo Doctor why are you being so manipulative? Grr.
That's a good question, Amy. What do Time Lords believe in?
Getting really dark there, Doctor. Talking about you wanting to die and such.
Uh oh. Doctor wants to travel alone again. Not good. Very not good.

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