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Monday, 3 June 2013

"Night Terrors" 6x9

Original Air Date: 3 September 2011

Who else at first thought that the complex was the Powell Estate? Me!
What do we do with the things we don't like? Put them in the cupboard... Didn't we just put Hitler in the cupboard in the last episode? Okay then.
Has anyone else tried to send the Doctor a psychic paper message? Zero guilt.
As someone who has had actual night terrors, I expected this episode to be a bit more terrifying. Oh well. Although I was that kid who always slept with the lights on.
The music of the episode is so creepy. Its that "tick-tock goes the clock, even for the Doctor" music. Let me just put that music in the cupboard.
Are we sure that the landlord is not an multiform like Prisoner Zero? That dog gives me the creeps.
Arthur saying "let the monsters gobble him up" gave me the utmost concern.
NO. Don't take the lift. Don't do it. Oh, you did it.....screams, screams for everyone!
I think Doctor Who really needs to stop trying to do scary. It can do it without trying, and when they try it is not scary. It's just strange. Like, "The Crimson Horror", not scary--weird.
No, you're not dead--again.
Amy! We have so much in common! 1700 and something is my favourite year, too!
I love the way British people say the word "stupid"
I also love when the Doctor is around kids. I was so excited when Amelia Pond was gonna be a companion. I want a companion whose a kid!
No, Doctor, no! Don't run with giant scissors.
Yep. George's an alien. Yay!
I will never send you away, George. Until it's time for university.

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