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Monday, 3 June 2013

Hey, Who's Running this Show? Who's Even in this Show?

The answer has been "Steven Moffat" since 2010, but there's some speculation that that may be changing. The Radio Times reports that despite rumours otherwise, Moffat will be staying for at least a year.
Many fans have a love/hate relationship with Steven, and personally I'm indifferent to him, but I think that its good that he'll be there for the first season of the Twelfth Doctor. When Russell T Davies left along with David Tennant, I felt like too much change and that I was watching a whole different show, between the new Doctor, new TARDIS, inside and out, new companion, new sonic screwdriver, and different writing. So that is good.

Some Whovians can sleep a bit easier tonite knowing that the new Doctor will not likely be announced until July. The Radio Times reports that the search is underway. That is a tad obvious as the Christmas Special, in which Matt will regenerate, starts filming in July.

Read the RT article I'm mentioning here.

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