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Monday, 3 June 2013

"Closing Time" 6x12

Original Air Date: 24 September 2011

CRAIG! My second favourite Craig! (Next to Ferguson)
Increased sulfur emissions-don't even try to tell me that isn't a reference to Supernatural.
Will someone please tell me WHY they did the Amy Pond's Imaginary Friend intro? Please? Its not like she's even really in this one. Why, BBC, why? Meh.
There are aliens in the fridge. Yup.
The Doctor is so perfect to work in a toy store! Yay!
Teehee. I want an incarnation of the Doctor whose gay. That would be fabulous!
Ohmygod giant Amy Pond!
Its like a horseshoe crab, the cybermat.
Oooh. I just noticed that these aren't Cybus cybermen. Cool beans.
Gotta love it when cybermen's heads explode.
Oh hai River.

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