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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Time of the Doctor (Ley's Take)

Spoiler warning!

Just like for "The Day of the Doctor," I am writing this post as I digest what just happened.

Amazingly, Steven Moffat managed to time up all his loose ends from the plot of the Eleventh Doctor. From how the crack in the universe truly came to be to the to how the TARDIS at Trenzalore got there, they really were in quite a nice box. It's a gift, really. And, fancy that, it's Christmas!!

As far as the plot of the individual episode goes, I found it pretty easy to follow if you're up-to-date with the Doctor. Like a lot of Moffat, the key to understanding the story lies in the little name drops and such in the dialogue. Like how Tasha (there's gonna be a lot of cosplay of her, I bet you!) mentioned the Kovarian sect of the Silence and such. It's the kind of thing were I imagine it will make a bit more sense to those it confused by watching it a second time. Also, a voyage to the land of Tumblr will help.

One thing I really would have like to be addressed but was not is explaining the Silents to Clara. I have some feeling that we haven't seen the last of them and the Doctor will explain them at a later date.

About the regeneration, I feel very confident that Capaldi can more than handle the role. I mean, he said that he didn't like the colour of his new kidneys like it was nothing and that's exactly what needed to happen. I really can't wait until August. I'm sure that, just like the wait for "The Day of the Doctor", it will have gone quite quickly in retrospect.

After I watch it again on BBC America (9p EST), I'm sure that there will likely be more posts on the episode. If you scroll down, there is a box in the left-hand side column that will allow you to have an alert sent to your email with every new TARDIStyle post.

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