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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The End of Time: A Second Look

There's some heavy foreshadowing in The End of Time. Some of it seems like a coincidence, but never ignore a coincidence. Unless you're busy.

The Silence

It is said that in the final days of planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams...Each and every one of those people had dreamt of the terrible things to come. But they forgot, because they must. They forgot their nightmares of fire and war and insanity. They forgot.
-Narrator (Rassilon),  The End of Time, Part I

The Dream Lord

The Dream Lord is the dark side of the Doctor, and we've seen a lot of that lately, climaxing in The Waters of Mars when he manipulates someone into suicide. He makes his first corporeal appearance in the revival series in Amy's Choice. Since the Doctor has the power to give people "dreams" we must assume that the other Time Lords, specifically the Master, also have that capability.

Something Evil in the WiFi

"She got Mister Smith to put out this story saying that WiFi went mad all across the world, giving everyone hallucinations. I mean, how else do you explain it? Everyone with a different face."  -Luke Smith, The End of Time, Part II
Its been revealed that this weekend's premier episode, The Bells of Saint John, will be about something evil in the WiFi that is trying to control humans.

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