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Monday, 18 March 2013

I Blog About Doctor Who Now. Blogs about Doctor Who are Cool

I am Ley. I am a human. I am from the planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. I am 18 years old. I'm the Whovian who blogs about Doctor Who now because blogging about Doctor Who is cool. You got a problem with that?
I am waiting for a mad man with a blue box. If you are a mad man with a blue box, please let me know so we can run together.

Well, there ya go. That's that.
To introduce myself further, I'll give you my answers to the Doctor Who Thirty-Day Challenge and some explinations.

  1. Favourite Doctor: Ten--I feel we learn the most about who the Doctor really is as a man. Tennant's portrayl of his emotions blew me away. I myself am an actor and I really hand it to him that he did a magnificent job on the part, and I want to have him make a special appearance.
  2. Favourite Companion: Leela--She carries that dagger around with her.
  3. Least Favourite Companion: Rose--She needs to stop complaining.
  4. Favourite Villian: The Doctor is his own worst enimy--More on that here.
  5. Favourite Alien: Rutan--It just looks so silly in it's natural form. I find them humorous.
  6. Favourite Special Episode: The Runaway Bride--"What"""Who are you?" "But" "Where am I?" "What?" "What the hell is this place?" "What? You can't do that. I wasn't. We're in flight. That is, that is physically impossible! How did" "Tell me where I am. I demand you tell me right now: where am I?" "Inside the TARDIS" "The what?" "The TARIDS." "The what?" "The TARIDS!" "The what?" "It's called the TARDIS." "That's not even a proper word. You're just saying things."
  7. Favourite Season: The Current One--It's the one where we don't know how it will end.
  8. Least Favourite Season: Everything before Five.--"You know, I loved being you. Back when I first started, at the very beginning, I was always trying to be old and grumpy and important—like you do, when you're young. And then I was you, and it was all dashing about and playing cricket and my voice going all squeaky when I shouted. I still do that, the voice thing, I got that from you. Oh, and the trainers. And... [putting his glasses on] snap! 'Cos you know what, Doctor? You were my Doctor" (Time Crash).
  9. Favourite Master: We're suppoused to like him?
  10. Saddest Episode: The End of Time--I'm a fan of Ten
  11. Funniest Episode: The Eleventh Hour--Another awkward dinner with the mother-in-law.
  12. Episode that Scared me the Most: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead--I use "vashta nerada" instead of cursing.
  13. Favourite Theme Song: Ten's Last Season
  14. Character I Like that Everyone Else Hates: Which characters does everyone hate?
  15. Most Annoying Character: Dalek...or Rose--Daleks are like sparkles and herpies. Just when you think they're gone.... And Rose just doesn't realize when she has it good. And the thing that happens at the end of  "Journey's End."
  16. Favourite Male Actor: David Tennant--"Slim and a little bit foxy." And a great over-all actor. I mean, have you seen him in "Hamlet" and "Cassanova"?
  17. Least Favourite Male Actor: Matt Smith--I can't even he needs use of his eyebrows. And he isn't David Tennant. Sorry, but Ten is a tough act to follow.
  18. Favourite Female Actor: Karen Gillan or Catherine Tate--They bring so much spunk!
  19. Least Favourite Female Actor: Billie Piper--Her face always looks the same.
  20. Favourite Writer: Russel T. Davies--The continuity things that man comes up clever!
  21. Favourite Couple: Amy and Rory
  22. Favourite Friendship: Ten and  Donna--They're just so funny.
  23. Favourite Spin-Off: Torchwood--Honestly, I haven't watched the others.
  24. Favourite Quote: "All that pain, and misery, and lonliness and it just made it kind" (The Beast Below.) It pretty much sums me up.
  25. Favourite Doctor Catchphrase: ALLONS-Y--Because reasons and I speak French.
  26. Favorite Doctor Gadget: The TARDIS's Translator. It makes everything so much easier!
  27. Favourite Interview: Can I Ruffle Your Hair? or this one, which contains a spoiler.--The first one is something I really want to do, and the second one is just lolsome.
  28. Favorite gif: --Because he's naked.
  29. When Did I Become a Fan: The Year? 2013 The Moment: The Unquiet Dead-my theatre group did a production of  "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" back in 2009 and the story holds a special place in my heart.