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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Is the Doctor Real?

As you may know, The Doctor is Real Day is 11 May. There are people (and they are starting to include myself..) who believe that the Doctor is real.
Here's one theory by Tumlr user mary-june about the existance of the Doctor. The Tumblr tag is #doctor who is real.

There are some slight spoilers. Click "read more" see the rest.

"So I have a theory. A theory of how The Doctor and his companions and all their adventures could be real. Ready?
"The Doctor is real. Even though he’s been around a long long time, the early 60s was when people started to notice him. I mean, REALLY take notice of him. It was getting to the point that whenever he landed on Earth, a giant mob would attack him (much like us fangirls would with David Tennant). The Doctor couldn’t get any work done this way. So he came up with a solution.
"The creators/writers of the show are members of U.N.I.T.. They pretend the show is fake, but they are really chronicling the adventures of The Doctor in a completely inconspicuous fashion. The Doctor pops by every now and again to show them what he and his companions look like so they can cast people who look like him. This way, when The Doctor visits the Earth, he blends in more easily.
"'But if he shows up as David Tennant, won’t that hinder him further?', you may ask. The truth of the matter is that the show depicts past events in The Doctor’s timeline. For example, this year we will learn who Clara Oswin Oswald is, but The Doctor already knows and is already in his Twelfth form. This way, when The Doctor shows up, nobody knows who he is yet. Everyone expects him to look like the current Doctor on the show, but he’s already a step ahead.
"So yes. Everything is real. Donna. Rose. Martha. The Ponds. River. Everything happened. Martha actually got to play herself, being a member of U.N.I.T..
"If you’re wondering where Donna is, she’s alive. She still can’t remember. In fact, her family convinced her to change her hair color and cut and move away, so that no one could possibly find her and remind her. Only U.N.I.T. and the family know her location.
"One last thing. Steven Moffat is a member of Torchwood, not U.N.I.T.. He is a distant relative of Jack Harkness and one of The Doctor’s good friends. While we may hate Moffat for his emotional rollercoasters, they are actually very true to what really happened. The Doctor trusts Moffat to reveal as much of the truth as possible without endangering everyone, and he knows that Moffat is brilliant enough to do it."
"I'm burning up a sun to say goodbye to you."
-The Tenth Doctor to Rose,  Journey's End
Personally, that's not my theory, although mine does have flaws in it so I may adapt/adopt that one.
My theory is this:
The Dream lord version of the Doctor made the minds of Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson dream up Doctor Who (sort of like Inception) to create the show. They might not even know this because they could have forgotten the dream but remembered the concept. The Dream Lord made them have the dreams because he knew about the threats that are about to be very real for us..."the twenty-first century is when everything changes...and you've got to be ready" (Torchwood). Plus, there's the added bonus that there's a lot less explaning to do to the new companions...

This planet is a match for Gallifrey. Wikipedia page here. They say the planet cannot suppourt life due to its proximity to the suns, but that is why they have the Citadel! More about that here.

Here are pictures (yes, very easily could be photoshoped...) of some "proof".

In the sixth Christopher Eccleston episode, Dalek, Van Statten refrences a crater in Russia that his scientists cultivated bacteria from. The episode takes place in 2012, making that year 2011, and a asteroid hit Russia in Febuary of 2013. Of course, that would make the "prediction" two years late, but people would start to get suspicious if it were right!

Or maybe, he wasn't real at first, or still isn't but maybe, just maybe if enough people believe, he will come into existance.

I will be posting more on this and I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this.

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