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Saturday, 18 October 2014

S8E9: "Flatline"

It's that time of week again...

I write under the assumption that you've seen the episode if you go past the page-break, which is only visible if you're on the home-page of the blog. Any other way, you must have clicked directly here, in which case, there is your error. As always, I do not give a synopsis, I give a critical reaction.

I hope I'm not the only one who thought this episode would be about some kind of medical thing, and was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise.

This episode seems quintessentially "Doctor Who". It is something I can't really identify too well, but it really is fantastic. It has a twist though, that the Doctor is, for all intents and purposes, unable to assist. The dynamic is completely changed by the Doctor being stuck inside the miniature TARDIS. It forces Clara to be the strong woman it seems we all want her to be (my disdain for the character seems to be ingrained in me). It also provides a different perspective for us. We see Clara behave as she perceives the Doctor to behave. That is what is of significant interest to me.

The innovative plot is one that piques and then holds our interest. Just as soon as we are familiar with how the Boneless operate, the change. They evolve like a virus, continually becoming more complex and more dangerous. Their forigen-ness, being from another dimension, only add to the fear-factor we have for them.

The final DW thought I levae you with for this week is this: 2-DIS was so clever...2 Dimensions In Space. Thank you, Jamie Mathieson, thank you. Please come back!

Allow me to apologise for my late post. Generally I try to have it up by the night after it airs (I'm on Eastern time). Life gets in the way, sometimes.

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