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Saturday, 4 October 2014

S8E7: "Kill the Moon"

As usual:
I write under the assumption that you've seen the episode if you go past the page-break, which is only visible if you're on the home-page of the blog. Any other way, you must have clicked directly here, in which case, there is your error. I do not give a synopsis, I give a critical reaction.

No bingo this week...
Can you spell "character development"?  Because I can! And it seems like writer Peter Harness, can as well. Which is a very good thing.

The past incarnations of the Doctor provide a sharp contrast to what we saw of Capaldi's in this episode.This Doctor is darker than every before. He leaves Clara and Courtney and Lundvik on the moon to make what is going to be the biggest decision in human history. OK, maybe the burning of Alexandria was one, but this is pretty big as well. In the end, though, one must wonder is there ever was a decision to make, if the Doctor would have saved them from destroying the moon either way or not.

The Doctor we see is frustrated,and we can only guess as to why. Is there still some uncomfortableness he has about Danny and Clara? Is it just a convention needed for the episode? Here's the thing, though, this episode was originally written for Matt Smith. Now, I'm sure there were some changes made, like the addition of the bastardisation of the "one small step for  man" quote. The Doctor needs to part with the over-usage of "thing". That was my thing. I used to say that I was doing things...

This is a good episode. It is truly science-fantasy, not a drama. It terrifies you with the impossible and comforts you in that thing's very impossibility. And then, it makes you think. Was it the right choice to take the risk of what would happen without a moon?

I'm going to point something out. I can't imagine any adult missing that it was a bit allegorical for the abortion debate.

One more thing, the Judoon in the room, as it were. Clara left. Will she come back? We know she's confirmed for the Christmas special and forever in the Doctor's timeline, but will the genuine article ever return to the TARDIS? Some of me hopes not. Then, that would beg the question: has a huge change in casting been kept from us? Will Courtney Woods be the new companion? Many questions have been left. I just looked at a cast list for next week's "Mummy on the Orient Express", and a Jenna Coleman is not on it, although she is slated for the episode after that, "Flatline". Interestingly, we will see Danny next week. We are in for an adventure, for sure.

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