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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"Human Nature" 3x8

Original Air Date: 26 May 2007 and 2 June 2007

Jack, you can't leave your vortex manipulator lying around! The Family of Blood might find it.
Nice hat, John Smith.
And we were all like: WHAT? Only one heart?
I will sniff you to death.
So, could a chameleon arc change a human into a Time Lord?
When did the Doctor have time to film the instructional video?
Why, Timothy, WHY did you have to pilfer the fob watch?
Why did the fob watch say "you are not alone"?
No, Nurse Redfern, you are not a Slitheen.
I feel ashamed I only realized this now. Martha literally runs into Lattimer--and it shifts to modern day? What was that? What did I miss?
Oh hey, the Doctor dances.
Flip tables? Nah, I am Father of Mine and I flip coat racks.