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Monday, 27 January 2014

The Twelfth Doctor's Outfit

One of the most anticipated things about Capaldi has been his outfit, especially given that with roughly another eight months before his episodes begin airing there's really little else to discuss.

And now it's been revealed and, well...

Well, first off, it's a suit, surprising absolutely no one. It was always going to be a suit, it's what the Doctor wears now, and it's about the most eccentric thing you can really put him in without being incredibly gaudy.

But it's also a really bland suit that says nothing about this Doctor as a character. The blacks and blues are all very deep, and could reveal a sort of darkness if these weren't also standard suit colors. The red lining's a nice touch but it's also the most eccentric thing about the costume and it's also almost completely invisible.

It's baffling to me that people are comparing this to Pertwee's costumes, because Pertwee's brightly-colored smoking jackets and puffy shirts are everything this costume isn't--extravagant, personal, and interesting. This costume, and I know I'm getting a bit redundant, has no character to it.

I kinda figured, y'know, maybe it'd make more sense to me if I knew more about clothes, so I did a little digging. And that jacket the new Doctor's wearing? It's a Crombie coat, which is incredibly expensive and usually marketed to the extremely rich (and sometimes even royalty.) It strikes me as an incredibly bizarre thing for the Doctor to wear, given his status as a champion of the oppressed and the toppler of status quos. Maybe that's what they were going for, but honestly there's a lot more extravagant and interesting rich-people clothes they could've put him in if that was the case. 

In short--I don't like it. But maybe that's unfair. After all, most Doctors are prone to gradual changes in their outfits over time. Perhaps after a season or two it'll have been changed up enough to become distinctive. I certainly hope so.

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