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Saturday, 1 November 2014

S8E11: "Dark Water"

It's me again!

I write under the assumption that you've seen the episode if you go past the page-break, which is only visible if you're on the home-page of the blog. Any other way, you must have clicked directly here, in which case, there is your error. As always, I do not give a synopsis, I give a critical reaction.


That big reveal at the end with Missy being the Master is one you really had to see coming. I know I saw tweets with that hypothesis of Missy = Mistress = feminine equivalent of Master. Like many Moffat things, it is all quite obvious in retrospect, example the exoskeleton of those in 3W being Cyberman things. I'm really quite ashamed of myself for not having gotten it, especially considering that the Cybermen and Missy were pictured together in teaser photos.

It is a bit hard to really comment on the episode as it stands, as it is a two-parter. But what we know it did, it did beautifully. It gave us the reason Danny feels so much for the children. We are shown just how much Clara loves Danny--she would give up the Doctor for him. Personally, that was the wrong choice for me! I can't wait to see the grand finale Saturday!

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