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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hello Again, Old Friend.

I've a post I'm about to publish. Usually, I'll give an update and reason for my extended absence in the newest post, but when you see it, I think you'll realise why that just didn't feel right. So, I'm using this post instead

The last time I posted here was in April. Wow, had a lot happened since then! The biggest thing is that I directed a show called "Imbalances." You can read more about that here. Aside from that, which I started working on in May, I finished my first semester of my sophomore year at Hartwick College. My GPA for the semester was a 2.8, which may not sound awesome to some, but for me it was really fanatstic. My biggest time commitment was working at a summer camp, in fact the one I went to as a child, and where I was first exposed to acting--and, for those of you who don't know, I'm majoring in Theatre Arts so its very special to me. In the AM I'm a counsellor for older 2s and younger 3s--the kids being born in 2011, basically. In the afternoons, though, I teach improv to 4 years old through those entering 8th grade. Or, at least I make a very commendable attempt.

I'll leave you now. Know that I will be covering Series 8, and you will likely see a review of Star Trek: The Next Generation on here soon as well as one for ACD Sherlock Holmes.

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